Temporary Textures is a kinetic sculpture that uses the concept of randomness as a source of creation.
The rotation of selected elements generates unique and temporary patterns when seen in their entirety. 
The class »Poetics of Repetition« explores how to artistically communicate repetition. Temporary Textures, a sculpture that uses iterations of random rotations emerged in response to this question.
A microcontroller is running a matrix of seven by seven motors, each rotating a single cube. Pseudorandomly starting and stopping make the textures occur. The lifetime of each texture is determined by the cycle of each iteration.
Acrylic on wood, electric motors, black MDF, Arduino, software.
65 × 65 × 15 cm
Created at Berlin University of the Arts
Class: Poetics of Repetition
Supervision: Luiz Zanotello
Support: Luiz Zanotello, Constantin Wolf, Maren Klamser, Clara Ellguth, Annalena Volk, Sven Barth, Georgianna Manafa, Adrian Pfisterer, Robert Schnüll, Niklas Thran, Rasih Bayölken, Wanda Bleckmann, Alex Schuster
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