Temporary Textures deals with randomness as a source of repetitive creation. The iterative rotation operations of the single elements generate patterns of unique and temporary textures. 
The course “Poetics of Repetition” explores how to artistically communicate repetition. Temporary Textures, an installation using random rotations in circles of iteration, emerged in response to this question.
A microcontroller is running a grid of  7 × 7 motors. A random function starts and stops the motors – random textures are generated. Every cube is rotated by a single motor. Each of these randomly created textures has a temporary lifetime, before the repetition creates a new one.
Study project
Universität der Künste, Berlin
new media class
Course name: Poetics of Repetiton
Supervision: Luiz Zanotello

Support: Luiz Zanotello, Constantin Wolf, Maren Klamser, Clara Ellguth, Annalena Volk, Sven Barth, Georgianna Manafa, Adrian Pfisterer, Robert Schnüll, Niklas Thran, Rasih Bayölken, Wanda Bleckmann, Alex Schuster

Other works

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