SETI Lights is a data-driven installation. As a sculpture, it wants to create a connection between art and a non-human agency. Radio waves from outer space are simultaneously received, analyzed, and visualized through light.
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) describes the search for alien life forms. Here, signals in the radio range of the electromagnetic spectrum are sent into outer space. Data from these signals were analyzed across a global network of volunteer home computers.
Non-human agency
The sociological term »agency« describes an individual’s ability to act. In SETI Lights, the non-human agency is characterized by the collaboration between human and non-human elements.
Frequency analysis
The analysis of the received radio waves is visualized by light. Each of the five lights is assigned to a specific range of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Plexiglas-Tubes, broken glass, LED, cast concrete, Arduino, computer, software.
200 × 100 × 170 cm
Created at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
Class: Space Maneuvers
Supervision: Miri Segal
Photos and Video: Sascha Richter
Model: Annalena Volk

Support: Sascha Windisch, Tobias Dietz, Thomas Volk, Annalena Volk, Bruno Wörn, Felix Schäfer

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