In a Landscape is an audiovisual video projection based on a piece of the same name by John Cage.
The work focuses on the analysis and visualization of the played tones, which are represented by visual design parameters.
The piano’s mechanics are fundamental to the visual form that is being artistically interpreted. This approach refers to Cage, who was exploring the piano's insides and its possibilities of transformation and preparation. The selected sequence of this work’s piece was interpreted by Stephen Drury.
The played piano string is visualized by a vibrating circle. Its size represents the dynamics and the transparency, the lengths of the notes.
The chosen color palette symbolizes the pitches, which are assigned to a five-octave grid.
Projector, styrofoam balls, table, video animation
200 × 100 cm

Created at Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd
Class: Audiovisuelle Systeme
Project Partner: Max Schulist, Moritz Hundbiß
Supervision: Prof. Michael Götte, Bernhard Sacha, Claudius Schulz

Support: Rasih Bayölken, Torsten Dodillet, Benjamin Thomsen, Manuel Minniti, Kerstin Wörn
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