In communication, noise can be used as a style. As a carrier of meaning, noise can provide tension, attentiveness, and authenticity.
Index of Noise categorizes and explains the versatile use of noise in audio and visual design. Central to these observations is the human, as the authority in classifying the noise.
Generative installation
An interactive installation allows the experience of different kinds of noises. The installation invites the audience to emotionally engage and explore the subject.
Human interference factor
Up to three persons are able to control the noise parameters, according to their positions in the room. Their movements are tracked by a motion-sensing input device.
Interactive noise experience
Depending on the number of persons and their position in a room, different kinds of noises can be experienced visually and auditory.
The book's focus is to demonstrate and explore how to use noise as a deliberate part of communication.
Projector, computer, software, Kinect, canvas.
450 × 150 cm
Graduation project (Bachelor of Arts)
Created at Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd
Project Partner: Moritz Hundbiß
Supervision: David Oswald, Andreas Koller
Installation Photos and Video: Sascha Richter
Models: Manuel Minniti, Annalena Volk, Emely Wörn

Support: Michael Götte, Günther Biste, Benjamin Pfleghaar, Benni Thomsen, Bernhard Sacha, Andreas Belthle, Max Hartmann, Aiko Scheuves, Torsten Dodillet, Rasih Bayölken
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