Ephememorion is a reactive light installation. Complementing the piano, it can cache ephemeral information of a note in light-absorbing containers that memorize and forget.
By parameterizing and locating the light containers, patterns and structures visualize the piano play. The visual output and auditory input form an enclosed system that communicates in a constant dialogue between sound and visualization.
Ephememorion is a composite of »ephemeral« which describes phenomena of transient behavior, and »memoria« which stands for storage as well as memory in Italian. It is embodied through the containers and their ability to store information.
Containers of Light
Ephememorion’s essence lies in the light containers. These objects consist of an opaque shell whose insides are filled with phosphorescent powder. This enables the containers to react to light impulses, absorbing and storing them for a brief moment. A container represents a physical store of information and is assigned to a key on the piano’s keyboard.
Phosphorescence describes the ability of a substance that continues to glow in the dark after being exposed to (UV) light. The used illuminant is a combination of Strontium aluminate. The individual textures are created randomly in the mixing process, which is done manually.
The installation consists of a grid of seven rows, each equipped with twelve light-storing containers. Each row represents an octave of the piano’s keyboard and each element represents a different note. Inspired by Serialism in music, no visual differences between semitones and major seconds are being made.
Exhibition view: UdK Concert Hall, Berlin © Nikolaus Brade
Exhibition view: UdK Concert Hall, Berlin © Nikolaus Brade
The auditory parameters of tone length and volume are mapped to the visual parameters of light in the form of luminous duration and intensity. Pitch is translated through a fixed position in the octave grid and each tone has a fixed position within each octave.
Exhibition view: UdK Concert Hall, Berlin © Niklas Thran
Exhibition view: UdK Concert Hall, Berlin © Niklas Thran
UV-LED, Plexiglas bowls, Strontium aluminate (pouder), black MDF, Teensy microcontroller, software, KeySense interface by allesblinkt
110 × 110 × 65 cm

Graduation project (Master of Arts)
Created at Berlin University of the Arts
In Collaboration with: Zihern Lee
Supervision: Jussi Ängeslevä, Alberto de Campo, Joachim Sauter, David Skopec
Installation Photos and Video: Nick Martinelli and Niklas Thran

Exhibited at:
Ephememorion live with Mattia Aisemberg and Zihern Lee
Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft
Universitätsbibliothek TU/UdK

Exhibited at:
Inauguration of the artwork AION by Joachim Sauter, with Mattia Aisemberg
UdK Concert Hall

Exhibited at:
Vorspiel: CTM Festival × Transmediale with Zihern Lee
NOVILLA MoBe Moving Poets Berlin e.V.

Exhibited at:
An evening with S4NTP with Zihern Lee
UdK Medienhaus

Special Thanks to:

Adrian Pfisterer, Alisha Principe, Andreas Pollok, Anne Conrad, Avia Cohen, Benjamin Pfleghaar, Bernd Grether, Carsten Nicolai, Christoph Powilat, David Madison, Devid Draser, Elisa Bross, Erik Reinhardt, Eva Ebeling, Fabian Brüssow, Felix Schäfer, Georgianna Manafa, Ida Liliom, IXDS, Jacob Korn, Johannes Timpernagel, Jonas Friedemann Heuer, Jorinde Voigt, Julia Laub, Lars Ehrhardt, Maik Gross, Manuel Minniti, Maren Klamser, Moritz Hundbiss, Nick Martinelli, Niklas Thran, Ohad Ben-Moshe, Patrick Kaspar, Paul Brenner, Perry Scanlon, Philipp Mellitzer, Rashad Haidar, Silva Baum, Sophie Hundbiss, Stefano Lazani, Svenja Kräher, Wanda Bleckmann
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