Dual is a interpretation about the infinite set of rational numbers between zero and one.
Two objects create a physical in-between, embodying this infinity.
The set of natural numbers is infinite. The set of rational numbers, for example between zero and one, is also infinite. According to Georg Cantor, these two sets have the same cardinality, meaning they contain the same infinite amount of elements.¹
Two cylinders levitate at equal height in space. In static arrangement, both objects visually relate to each other and refer to what lies in between them.
Electronic sounds by artist Jacob Korn (Uncanny Valley, Dresden) surround the work. Minimalist compositions and the sculpture’s simplicity mirror each other, thus creating a spherical, unreal environment.
Dual was exhibited at HYBRID Box – Modular Gallery for Digital Arts / Pylon Lab in Dresden Hellerau from 06.07. to 04.09.2023.
Acrylic on wood, sound
80 × 6 × 6 cm each

Special Thanks to:
David Krebs, Jana Lütkewitte, Georgianna Manafa, Manuel Minniti, Luisa Roth, Thomas Schmelzer / Pylon, Ralf T.,
Niklas Thran

[1] cf. Deiser, Oliver (2021): Einführung in die Mengenlehre: Die Mengenlehre Georg Cantors und ihre Axiomatisierung durch Ernst Zermelo, 4. Auflage (2021), S. 137. Online unter: aleph1.info [aufgerufen am 13.10.2023]
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