Cymatic Types is an interactive audiovisual installation, based on experiments by Ernst Chladni. Following the concept of a visual language, it interprets images of standing waves as specific signs.
Those images occur on oscillating surfaces through a granular material that is being formed into patterns at certain frequencies. By digitizing the structures and reducing their complexity, the emerging types can be accessed and observed during their reforming.
The term »Cymatics« stands for the visualization of sounds and waves. It specifically describes the phenomena of pattern occurrences in a fluid or granular material at a frequency that resonates with a connecting oscillating surface.
Interaction design
The interaction design is a homage to the theremin. It works with no physical contact but simple gesture recognition via an infrared-based tracking sensor.
Graphic User Interface
The interface’s scale represents predefined frequencies that assign certain patterns. The circle symbolizes required interaction.
Scaled-down to a minimalistic setting, Cymatic Types can be experienced visually and auditory.
Projector, Mac mini, software, LEAP Motion, metal plates.
200 × 100 cm
Created at Berlin University of the Arts
Class: Visuelle Systeme
Project Partner: Niklas Thran
Supervision: David Skopec, Bernd Grether, Ulrike Rausch
Video: Vanessa Opoku
Model: Annalena Volk

Support: Achim Sieloff, Katharina Brenner, Davide Prati, Wanda Bleckmann, Livia Kirchner, Elke Schneider

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